What is the project about?

Scoping WordPress as an option for e-portfolios for practice learning in health and social care. The objective of the project is to scope the option of using WordPress as the platform for e-portfolios for professional learning. The project aims to

  • Clarify the needs of nursing and social work students and educators in using e-portfolios
  • Identify strengths, weaknesses and risks of WordPress as an e-portfolio platform in meeting pedagogical and professional requirements
  • Determine how to resolve anticipated challenges in transferring to e-portfolios (e.g. requirements of original ink signatures to evidence the achievement of competence)
  • Develop and write-up details of the functionality required to ensure that e-portfolios meet pedagogical, professional and learning needs in social work and nursing
  • Highlight future work required to operationalise e-portfolios as a mode of assessment and ongoing record of achievement/progression for professional programmes.

Who is working on it?

Jake Walsh, BA (Hons) Audio Production student

Jonathon Cresswell, BA (Hons) Journalism student

Shelly Studd, MSc Social Work student

Samantha Murray, BSc (Hons) Nursing student

Karin Crawford (PFT) School of Health and Social Care

Diane Simpson (SL) School of Health and Social Care

Ian Mathews (SL) School of Health and Social Care

John McCavish (SL) School of Health and Social Care

Heather Saunders (Placement co-ordinator) School of Health and Social Care

Trevor Simpson (SL) School of Health and Social Care

John McKinnon (SL) School of Health and Social Care

Rob Goemans (SL) School of Health and Social Care

Sue Watling, CERD

Why are we undertaking it?

Degree programmes that lead to professional qualification have traditionally made use of portfolios because of their ability to promote critically reflexive practice, demonstrate integration of theory and practice and develop a professional identity (Hammond, 2009; McMullan, 2006; Slater, 2007). E-portfolios are a relatively recent phenomenon; there is a paucity of research about their use in professional qualifying programmes such as nursing and social work. However, e-portfolios offer a range of benefits for nascent professionals (Andre, 2010; Murray and Sanders, 2009), including their flexibility and versatility (Garrett and Jackson, 2006) and capacity for storage (Madden, 2007). Successful implementation of e-portfolios is known to have challenges including choice of software and verification of student work by external assessors and mentors (Madden, 2007; Murray and Sandars, 2009).

What will the project achieve?

The main outcome of this project will be a scoping report that evaluates teaching and learning needs across the two programmes against the current and the potential functionality of WordPress. It is intended that this will then support a larger external funding bid to undertake the necessary development work on WordPress.

When is the project taking place?

April 2012 ? end July 2012

What is the project cost?