What is the project about?
The aim of this project is to design, conduct and evaluate a robotic team competition ? RoboJam.  A direct inspiration for the project idea follows a successful organisation of a video game competition, GameJam, organised by the Computing Society members where the student teams from different UK institutions participated in a two day non-stop coding event. The proposed activity will be organised in a similar fashion and initially will be targeted at computing students from different institutions in UK. The project will involve development of appropriate activity tasks that will be the core of the competition. The competition is intended to involve one day of learning the basics of robot design and programming and another day for the actual competition. Therefore two sets of tasks for each day will have to be designed.

Who is working on the project?
Dr Grzegorz Cielniak
Students: Peter Anderson

Why are we undertaking the project?
One of the goals of the project is to improve student engagement and to enrich student experience and therefore an important part of the project will involve design of appropriate methodology for evaluation of the event with respect to these issues. The results of this evaluation will be disseminated internally but also to a wider research community by a joint publication that will be submitted to one of the educational workshops. RoboJam is intended to be a regular activity that will be followed up in future. It is also envisaged that the designed tasks will be adopted for future use in outreach activities in high schools, open days, etc.

What will the project achieve?
The intended outcomes of this project include:

  • a set of training and competition task description documents for use during the RoboJam event;
  • a software framework that can be directly used for the proposed tasks;
  • a hardware set-up and building of a competition arena that could be also used/improved for future competitions;
  • publicity materials in form of leaflets, posters, invitations, etc.;
  • a set of results that will form a base for a publication in one of the educational workshops.

When is the project taking place?
Summer 2012

What is the project cost?
Total project cost: ?1,000.