What was this project about?

The LIROLEM project laid the groundwork for the establishment of an institutional repository that supports a wide variety of non-textual materials, e.g. video artworks, performances, architectural documentation and models, without excluding more conventional text based materials, to establish best practice in capturing and describing the requisite information, and to establish the parameters of the repository, with particular regard to physical size, access and scaling for bandwidth.

Why did we undertake the project?

The University of Lincoln wanted to develop a repository in which research outputs, exemplars of student outputs in non-text disciplines, and teaching materials, including copyright cleared digitised texts would be stored.

What did the project achieve?

The LIROLEM project received JISC funding to develop a service model, including a service definition, a model of content organisation, conduct a needs assessment survey of the University, and established a detailed project implementation plan and service and technical models for post funding development. In particular, the University sought to develop a model for the many non-text based outputs of its research, including, but not limited to architectural models, records of animal behaviour, and drama performances.

When did the project take place?

April 2007 to March 2008

What did the project cost?

Total project cost: £80,455.40. Funding received: £29,036.40.

Where can I find more information?

Project wiki

Project website