What is this project about?

The CLOCK (Cambridge-Lincoln Open Catalogue Knowledgebase) project will investigate ways of driving innovation in libraries' interactions with Open Bibliographic Data.

Why are we undertaking the project?

CLOCK is a continuation of and elaboration upon the work of two recent JISC Discovery projects -- Jerome at the University of Lincoln and COMET at the University of Cambridge -- via a programme of development work shared between the two institutions, and with library consultant Owen Stephens. JISC were impressed enough with the work of both projects, and sufficiently interested in the potential for collaboration, that they encouraged our joint bid for follow-up funding.

What will the project achieve?

CLOCK will exploit, through real-world applications, the significant amount of data released openly by Cambridge University Library; apply the Jerome database architecture, iterative development methodology, and API framework to a bibliographic dataset an order of magnitude greater than the University of Lincoln's; and build and enable a new set of tools and demonstrator services which will enable the future development of public Open Bibliographic Data web applications of practical utility to libraries and end-users.

When is the project taking place?

February - July 2012

What does the project cost?

  • Total project cost: £66,329.20
  • Funding received: £49,876.89

Where can I find more information?