Julian Beckton

Image of Julian Beckton

Julian Beckton works in the Centre for Educational Research & Development. His areas of interest include Virtual learning environments, strategies for dealing with plagiarism, and the use of social networks in education.

Nick Jackson

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Nick works in CERD, where he's the lead developer on the Orbital project. He's helped develop a number of projects from across the University focussing on open data, design and accessibility; is an advocate for the student experience and helps manage the University's presence on social networking sites. Nick holds a degree in Computing and Cybernetics from Lincoln.

Jamie Mahoney

Image of Jamie Mahoney

I'm a Web Developer for CERD and have recently graduated from the University of Lincoln, with a "Master of Computing" (MComp) degree in Computing. I have several areas of interest in and around website and software development, but my main areas of interest include the use (and misuse) of social networks, open data and data visualization. I currently work full-time as a Web Developer on the ON Course project.

Harry Newton

Image of Harry Newton

I have a background in Artificial Intelligence and Robotics, graduating from the University of Lincoln with a Masters with distinction in Computer Science in January 2012. Work during this time focused on vision processing and navigation. Using the Rovio robot, my Thesis researched how a robot can navigate using only vision as it's sensor. Learning it's environment, it could determine the nature of different obstacles and how it should react to them by changing its path or pushing them out of the way. I undertook a 6 month Internship at GCI COM, where I was a Graduate Software Engineer from September 2011 until March 2012. I worked on the new billing system, developing components such as automating CDR preprocessing. This involved a large number of CDRs files from different carriers in different formats. They were required to be processed and the information they contained input into the main SQL database. I started work at the University of Lincoln in March 2012. I started work on the Orbital project, which involved managing research data. The project has had it's first release and is building towards it's second.

Sue Watling

Image of Sue Watling

I'm a Learning and Teaching Coordinator in the Centre for Educational Research & Development. I support staff and students in the development of virtual pedagogy and the use of online learning environments, experiences and opportunities. Technology for education has the capacity to be accessible to all users and we have a responsibility to ensure that diversity is realised, in particular for users of assistive technologies.

Joss Winn

Image of Joss Winn

I'm the Co-ordinator of LNCD and a Senior Lecturer in the Centre for Educational Research & Development at the University of Lincoln, where I undertake research and development into the use and politics of technology in Higher Education. I also support the use of WordPress at the university and run the Lincoln Academic Commons, a hub for open source and open access related projects. I hold degrees in Buddhist Studies (London (SOAS), Michigan (Ann Arbor)) and in Film Archiving (East Anglia). Previously, I worked for Amnesty International as Audiovisual Archivist and Project Manager.

Alex Bilbie

Image of Alex Bilbie

Alex is a developer for the online services team within IT Services and a part time Computer Science student. He developed the Common Web Design and the University's Single Sign-On and OAuth platform. He is a core developer for the CodeIgniter PHP framework and has also contributed to the HTML5 Boilerplate framework, WordPress and the OAuth 2.0 specification.

Matt Cavill

Image of Matt Cavill

Matt Cavill is a Project Services Team Leader within ICT with over 9 years experience in the Education Sector. Matt has in-depth knowledge of a wide range of Business Systems and has performed the role of Project Manager, Business Analyst and Systems Analyst for the majority of these implementations. The systems include Agresso Student Management System, CRM, Blackbaud Raisers Edge and other bespoke solutions. Matt is currently working on a project to implement a Facilities Management System within the Estates department.

Matt Darch

Image of Matt Darch

Matt works in the Online Services Team and is responsible for the Blackboard VLE system and integration with other University of Lincoln systems; including developing building blocks to add additional functionality, working closely with CERD to develop the platform, and projects such as Getting Started for upcoming students. Other work includes the development of the myplayer.lincoln.ac.uk video streaming service to move videos from Blackboard to a secure platform off of Blackboard.

David Raines

Image of David Raines

David Raines is an Online Services Resources Manager currently specialising in supporting Microsoft SharePoint applications. David has over 20 years experience in supporting students and staff in a HE environment. In addition, David has several years experience in supporting Online Learning Environments and has developed a number of courses including Foundation Degrees.

Tim Simmonds

Image of Tim Simmonds

( there are some who call me. . . . Tim )

Tim Simmonds is the manager of the Online Services team. Tim has some 25 years working in various and varied capacities in developing delivering and supporting the Universities IT services.

Andrew Beeken

Image of Andrew Beeken

A web developer with nearly ten years experience in public and private sector, Andrew is currently working at the University as a developer on the CLOCK project. Well versed in HTML, CSS and PHP, he can often be found tinkering with the WordPress CMS framework. Outside of work, Andrew enjoys writing, making music, watching films and playing video games.

Paul Stainthorp

Image of Paul Stainthorp

Paul is a librarian with a particular interest in technology in the library. Some of his current areas of work include discovery and open bibliographic data, open-access publishing and OA repositories, innovation in reference management and reading list tools, and software for digitising special collections. He's a member of the national committee for UKCoRR, the UK Council of Research Repositories.

Elif Varol

Image of Elif Varol

Elif is originally from Turkey and works as a library and e-resources assistant at the University Library. Her areas of interests are OA repositories, usage statistics for electronic resources, resource discovery, linked data as well as new technological developments in education. When she is not working in the University Library, Elif works as a linguist in various projects ranging from localisation, translation and search engine optimisation. She is interested in photography and is trying to get into the habit of blogging.

Chris Brandrick

Image of Chris Brandrick

Chris Brandrick is the Web Development Intern for the The Graduate School. He graduated from the University of Lincoln in 2009 with a Web Technology degree. His areas of work at the University include the development of The Graduate School's online presence, the collation and creation of content for the web and the subsequent promotion of the school across various social networking platforms. Chris has a keen interest in the growing use of WordPress as a fully-fledged CMS, along with the rise of social networks and how people use them.

Dr John Murray

Image of Dr John Murray

I'm currently a Lecturer and Programme Leader for Computer Science at the University of Lincoln. My research interests are varied and range from developmental robotics, particularly the use of robotics in a social context using emotion, to the use of technology and technological solutions in education. I'm particularly interested in how Computer Science and Technology can improve the student experience, attainment and engagement.

Ben Trott

Image of Ben Trott

I'm a Masters by Research (MRes) student currently working on the DIVERSE project. My current focus this year is to carry out research into student performance in regards to DIVERSE and also investigate the impact Virtual Learning Environments have on a students' experiences at university. I have recently graduated from the University of Lincoln with a BSc (Hons) Degree in Computer Science and have an interest in web development and programming.

Max Woollard

Image of Max Woollard

I'm a Masters by Research (MRes) student currently working on the DIVERSE project. I'm undertaking research into student engagement and the impact Virtual Learning Environments have on a students' participation within lectures. I graduated from the University of Lincoln with a Degree in Computer Science and I have a keen interest in web development.

Peter Anderson

Image of Peter Anderson

I am currently studying for a MComp in Games Computing at the University of Lincoln. My interests include software and games development. My main interests are in games development, but I believe that is increasingly important to understand and be able to use web technologies. With the Fast.Q project I hope to improve and broaden my skills.

Boaz Yehezkel

Image of Boaz Yehezkel

I am currently in my final year reading for a BSc Hons. in Computer Science. My academic interests include image analysis, robotics, software development and web technologies. I also have a keen interest in psychology, sociology and philosophy and their applications in computing. I am currently working on the Fast.Q project alongside my degree, and have a passion for developing web applications.

Dr. Marc Hanheide

Image of Dr. Marc Hanheide

Dr Marc Hanheide is a lecturer in the School of Computer Science at the University of Lincoln. He received the Diploma in computer science from Bielefeld University, Germany, in 2001 and the Ph.D. degree (Dr.-Ing.) also in computer science also from Bielefeld University in 2006. In 2001, he joined the Applied Informatics Group at the Technical Faculty of Bielefeld University where he worked in the European Union IST project VAMPIRE. From 2006 to 2009 he held a position as a senior researcher in the Applied Computer Science Group as a PI in the EU cognitive robotics project COGNIRON. From 2009 until 2011 he was a research fellow at the School of Computer Science at the University of Birmingham, UK, working in the EU cognitive robotics project CogX. Marc is an active research involved in a number of projects (with PhD students supervised by him) related to autonomous robots, human-robot interaction, interaction-enabling technologies, and architectures for cognitive systems.

Dr. Grzegorz Cielniak

Image of Dr. Grzegorz Cielniak

Dr. Grzegorz Cielniak is a senior lecturer in Computer Science at the University of Lincoln, UK. He obtained his Ph.D. in Computer Science from Örebro University, Sweden in 2007 and M.Sc. from Wroclaw University of Technology, Poland in 2000. The Ph.D thesis addresses a problem of real-time people tracking for mobile robots. His research interests include people tracking, vision systems, artificial intelligence, learning systems, mobile and flying robots. Grzegorz is also interested in applying pattern recognition techniques to wildlife monitoring, food technology and game simulation.

Dr. Nicola Bellotto

Image of Dr. Nicola Bellotto

Nicola Bellotto is Senior Lecturer in Computer Science at the University of Lincoln, with research interests ranging from mobile robotics to cognitive perception, including sensor fusion, Bayesian estimation and embedded AI. He holds a PhD in Computer Science from the University of Essex and a Laurea in Electronic Engineering from the University of Padua. Before joining Lincoln, Nicola was a post-doctoral research assistant at the University of Oxford. He has also several years of industrial experience as software developer and embedded system programmer. Nicola teach/taught a number of undergraduate and postgraduate modules, including 'Artificial Intelligence & Robotics', 'Computer Vision & Robotics' and 'Operating Systems'.

Dr. Patrick Dickinson

Image of Dr. Patrick Dickinson

I am a Senior Lecturer in the School of Computer Science. My main research interests are in computer vision (especially applied to monitoring wildlife), and AI for computer games AI. I am also interested in the conservation of digital objects, and am currently involved on the LNCD project Games Preservation System (GAPS) . I studied for my first degree in Physics at the University of Southampton, my MSc at Oxford, and my PhD here in Lincoln under the supervision of Professor Andrew Hunter. I have also worked for several years in the games industry, and worked on a number of published titles including Aliens Vs Predator (2000), and Jimmy White's Cueball World (2002).

Craig Norman

Image of Craig Norman

I am currently studying for a BSc in Computer Games Production. During the summer I will be working on the Conservation of games project and will be documenting the project for my dissertation in my final year. Right now I am working on League of Legends machinima style videos, an online football statistics game and also I am writing games reviews for www.toxicsludge.co.uk. In ten years time I would like to be self employed, running my own buisiness, hopefully with several people working for me, creating games and online video content.

Carl Costelow

Image of Carl Costelow

I am currently studying for a BSc in Games Computing. I am interested in games development whether it will be Mobile, PC or XBOX. As always I am always looking for some extra projects that I can do in my spare time. I am taking part in the GaPS Project to increase my skills and also to learn alternative and new ways to approach the games development world.

Trevor Jones

Image of Trevor Jones

Dr Trevor Jones is a lecturer in the School of Computer Science at the University of Lincoln. His research interests include: Human-robot interaction : exploring interactions with humans, and robots employing canid mechanisms of interaction; Social Computing : engaging people in their use and understanding of the countryside and of their environment, whilst contributing to the valuable collection of data that provides information about wildlife, biodiversity and factors affecting the environment within the UK; and the CLOCK project - an initiative between University of Cambridge and University of Lincoln. Building on previous successful projects, to develop web-based bibliographic tools which will make it easier for different users : staff, students, researchers and cataloguers in academic libraries, to find Open Bibliographic Data and incorporate that data into systems and workflows.

Karin Crawford

Image of Karin Crawford

I am a Principal Teaching Fellow in the School of Health and Social Care and Director of Teaching and Learning for the Faculty of Health, Life and Social Sciences at the University of Lincoln. I teach on the undergraduate and postgraduate programmes in the school, with a particular interest in the development and facilitation of learning through open, distance part-time learning and using technology to aid learning. In my role as Principal Teaching Fellow, I also support the work of the University of Lincoln's Centre for Educational Research and Development (CERD) and in my capacity as Director of Teaching and Learning for the Faculty I undertake a range of Faculty level responsibilities including chairing the Faculty Teaching and Learning Committee and representing the Faculty on various University-level committees.

Dr Charles Deeming

Image of Dr Charles Deeming

Dr Charles Deeming - Senior Lecturer in Zoology. I am interested in all aspects of zoology from animal physiology, behaviour through to animal ecology and conservation. A major area of research is avian incubation, from both a pure and applied perspective although I also work on the population biology of common and great-crested newts, the behavioural ecology of fish, birds, bats and insects, the effects of domestication on body plans and the value of agri-environmental schemes on insect biodiversity.

Dr Paul Eady

Image of Dr Paul Eady

Dr Paul Eady - Reader Behavioural Ecology. I am interested in understanding animal behaviour from both functional and causal perspectives. I work extensively on the evolution of primary reproductive traits (sperm and genitalia) and their role in reproductive isolation - crossing the bridge between micro and macro-evolution. However, at heart I am a card-carrying Darwinian who is interested in all aspects of animal behaviour and evolution and have worked with fish, birds, mammals and insects.

Mark Edwards

Image of Mark Edwards

I have just finished the second year of a BSc (Hons) Conservation Biology programme which I am thoroughly enjoying. My main academic interests are in behavioural ecology and the effects of human activity / climate change on natural systems. I am interested in research projects involving natural systems and am aiming to progress to a PhD project once I graduate. Outside of university I have interests in classic cars and cooking.

Jake Walsh

Image of Jake Walsh

I am a third year student with an interest in educational networks and bringing WordPress into schools. My main area of interest is in the ways and means to enable this; and more generally, educational networks as a whole. I am also keenly interested in network security, and technology that enables energy and resource savings , with a specific focus on thin computing.