What is LNCD?

LNCD was set up to support the objectives of Student as Producer through the research and development of technology for education. The work of LNCD is informed by the progressive pedagogy of Student as Producer so as to engender critical, digitally literate staff and students. Core principles of the group are that we recognise students and staff have much to learn from each other and that students can be agents of change in the use of technology for education. LNCD consolidates and furthers on-going collaborative work between the Centre for Educational Research and Development, The Library and ICT Services and extends an open invitation to staff and students from across the university to contribute to the group.

LNCD offers incentives to people who wish to contribute to the rapid innovation of appropriate technology for education at the university, through work-experience, research bursaries and assistance with internal and external applications for funding. We also provide advice and support for the use of technology in research, teaching and learning.

LNCD is Not a Central Development group!

Current Projects

LNCD always has a number of projects running, many of which are externally funded through government grants and in partnership with other universities and industry. We welcome further collaboration.

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Past Projects

We’ve worked on an institution-wide space-time service, released an entire course as Open Educational Resources, implemented a cutting-edge datastore, prototyped a semantic publishing platform for document discussion, created a modern single-sign-on system for the university and built tools that make our own work easier to deliver benefits to everyone. We value good design and good data. Many of our projects have been externally funded by JISC, ensuring that we deliver benefits to the university sector too.

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Case Studies

LNCD's imaginative approach has been the subject of three case studies on the subjects of openness and student engagement, the value of in-house developers and our deployment of the 'Common Web Design', a HTML5 presentation framework.

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LNCD is a distributed group comprised of a number of staff and students from across the University of Lincoln. The work of the group is co-ordinated by Joss Winn, working in the Centre for Educational Research and Development, and core contributors of the group currently work in CERD, ICT Services and the Library. Contributors also come from a range of backgrounds, such as Academics, Researchers, Developers and more.

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We work on the web. If you're looking for advice about cloud computing, data-driven web design, mobile computing, access and identity, personalised web services, data archiving, web content management, open source software development, continuous integration, the open web, and software craftsmanship, we may be able to help. We welcome consultancy opportunities, R&D partnerships and knowledge transfer opportunities. We get stuff done.


LNCD is co-ordinated by Joss Winn in the Centre for Educational Research and Development, University of Lincoln. LN6 7TS. Telephone 01522 886075.

Want to get in touch? @lncd | lncd@

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